Total Price EUR 200,00

Introductory Price EUR 99,00

OnEBoard Practice Presentations is a 60 Minute Meeting.

You will do a presentation and we will give you feedback. After the session you will receive a video recording of your presentation*.

Your Practice Session will be online using Google Meet.The meeting uses the highest privacy and security standards (learn more).

* Note that our feedback will not be part of the mp4 recording.

Weekly at 5 pm CET/ 8 am PST

Additional request

In order for you to benefit from our best expert feedback, please fill out our OnEBoard Practice Registration form. Presentations can be shared using Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint or other online presentation tools.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

After we receive your confirmation via email that you have safely downloaded the mp4 file of your recording on your devices, we will permanently delete the video file. The fact is evidenced through an Audit Report. Further requests about restoring the file are not accepted.

Need to make changes to this event?

Ask for another day by emailing to

Cancel the order by email.

OnEBoard Practice Session cancellation policy.

For any challenging circumstances preventing the OnEBoard Practice Session from happening we will do our best to reschedule the meeting. If rescheduling isn’t possible for you, OnEBoard will refund the amount received within a week after your final cancellation. Any fees will not be refunded.