Peggy kolm

My background is in biotechnology and technical analysis, but my passion is sharing my  knowledge to help others understand how to use online tools. 

I write a weekly newsletter covering the latest  product updates and tech tips, and regularly post tutorials for creators. I have also hosted webinars on using Blogger, YouTube and AdSense.

I am a Platinum-level Google Product Expert, and I received the program's Education Award in 2018 and Creator Award in 2019.

Peggy K’s Tips & Tutorials    Twitter   YouTube

monika schmidt

My career revolves around education from teacher in elementary school to lecturer in University. I’m passionate about collaborating with open minded people across social channels. My skills as a Teacher, Consultant & Coach range from creating lessons in current topics to copywriting in two languages to neuro linguistic techniques for personal growth.  I'm contributing to Google Maps as a Google Trusted Photographer 360° & Local Guide L8. This keeps me passionate about learning skills in IT technology.  MonikaSchmidt  Twitter  Instagram  LinkedIn My Commitment for 2021 is #Discovery :)

bob danley

Have had a colorful working career; an eclectic mix of blue collar and professional positions. Education similar, ended with MA in Adult Education. Nurtured, developed a passion for wildlife through it all. Go outside everyday...everything is a miracle as Einstein opined. Once begun 10,000 hours and expertise will arrive in no time at all :-) Your discoveries and learning will conserve our dwindling wildlife, find me @Cypseloides on Twitter.

nina trankova

My background is in international commerce but I'm passionate about implementing technology for professional growth. I am a Google Workspace Administrator Google Cloud Certified, Google Platinum Product Expert, and I received the programm's Best Tweet Award in 2018 and Social Help Award in 2019. I'm a Brand specialist, Panelist, individual member of The Internet Society and of the Independent Google Cloud Community. Collaboration on the Internet is my cause.  Nina Trankova's Website 

Tell Me a Story: How Did You Become a Google Workspace Administrator   Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn  Mstodon SeoCommunity 

mission Statement

On E Board is participating in the Contract for the Web self-assessment tool live in 2021.  The Contract for the Web is a call to action for governments, companies and all of us as individual web users to build a better web. 

We play our part in shaping better tech policy globally by developing services focusing on the needs and rights of human beings in the digital era.


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